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What does Candlestick offer?

Beat the Market.

For years, hedge funds have used AI to gain an unfair advantage. Now you can too.

Weekly AI Stock Picks.

Get 3 signals every week from our top performing AI.


Tailor your picks to your personal investment preferences with different AI model choices.


Understand the insight and data behind every pick.

Easy to use

One click to get your first picks, two clicks to trade them. Candlestick does the heavy lifting for you.

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Candlestick Advisor

Coming soon, Candlestick Advisor is a new conversational interface that guides your investing journey. Using generative AI, Advisor will explain your picks, analyze a company's earnings, and answer all your financial questions. Advisor is a large language model built on GPT-4.

What is Candlestick AI?

To put it simply, Candlestick uses the power of AI to make the stock market work for regular people. Our advanced model constantly updates to give you weekly AI stock picks that outperform the market. The model, which incorporates dozens of metrics per stock, learns to pick stocks by training hundreds of times over past data until it can achieve superhuman results. As a Candlestick subscriber, you will be able to customize your model to your investment preferences, view important news about your picks, and even participate in investing competitions. Join up early for just $9.99 a month and get ready to beat Wall Street at its own game.




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