Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is. Please direct all support queries to or our support number - 917-818-2662.

While we provide ample information on our AI’s 2020 performance, this does not constitute a guarantee for the future. As with any investment strategy, performance may vary with time. Furthermore, Candlestick is designed to perform best over a diversified set of picks and a period of several weeks at least. As such, users should not expect immediate returns on any single stock.

We only store three types of data about our users: registration credentials, information essential to our picking system (cash amount and investing settings), and basic analytics data. We do not engage in device fingerprinting and Candlestick will never sell your data, under any circumstance. To learn more, visit our privacy policy:

You don't have to worry about when to sell your stocks - our AI takes care of that for you. In the same way you receive buy alerts, you will receive sell alerts when our AI recommends that a stock in your portfolio should be sold.

Premium subscribers automatically receive new recommendations every single trading day. In addition, we'll send you push notifications or email alerts as soon as a new pick arrives. Finally, premium subscribers get to customize their AI according to their investment preferences.

Usually, you'll be holding stocks for a few weeks. However, the timeframe may vary and some positions might be held for a few months.